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Oleg Kirilenko

Oleg Kirilenko is a marketing lead and data industry analyst at GreenM. He helps IT decision-makers and top-notch data talents come together to build the next-gen analytics software.

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Data Innovation Team Extension for Software Development Companies

Let’s look at a scenario that you probably have seen before. You’re a fantastic service provider, and your development team…

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What Technologies Can Benefit From Telehealth Innovations?

Modern telehealth is a system which lets people check their health without regular visits to the hospital. By using your…

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What to Know Before Developing a Telemedicine Software

Telehealth is at the top right now and the opportunities for growth are enormous. With the COVID-19 outbreak, remote healthcare services became the main tool of medicine.

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Top 10 Big Data Solutions in Healthcare – Global Forecast to 2025

This rating was compiled from GreenM’s forecast analysis of the US and global healthcare markets. We evaluated the prospects of…

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