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Veronika Gladchuk

Veronika Gladchuk is an content maker, known for her deep dive researched content that bridges healthcare technology, latest news and industry leaders. At GreenM, she works as a Health Tech Writer.

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How to Build an MVP for an IT Healthcare Project

Some of the top reasons so many startups fail are due to their inability to find sufficient funds, poor targeting…

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How to Develop RFID-based Healthcare Analytics Platform

RFID technology automates tracking processes and data collection, removes labor-intensive human work and reduces costs for companies. It’s a fast and reliable system with only a few issues.

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2021 HIMSS Conference Shows a Switch in European Health Tech Trends

There seems to be a global trend in rethinking how we approach healthcare. Find out why topics such as value-based care, data privacy, secondary data usage, governmental financing and health product co-design are at the center of discussion.

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The Anatomy of a Data-Driven Patient Engagement Platform

Studies show that despite high hospital adoption rates, patient engagement platforms aren’t all that popular among the patients themselves. The…

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Big Data and Pharma: Building Preclinical and Clinical Analytics Platforms

Living through a pandemic in the past hectic year, healthcare professionals and providers work even harder in order to provide us with relevant research insights and medicines.

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