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Interoperability in healthcare: capabilities, trends, and comparison of EHR providers

Have you ever faced challenges in achieving interoperability of health IT systems? This topic is one of the most relevant…

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GreenM Conducted the First International Data Monsters Event

On October 22, 2020, a Data Monsters United virtual event was held with the participation of international speakers. Data Monsters…

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Implementing Telemedicine Software During COVID-19

It’s clear the COVID-19 pandemic will go down as a major disruptive force in almost industry around the globe. More…

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RFID Technology in Healthcare: Benefits, Challenges, Opportunities

Having existed as a primitive tool during the wartime, radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology has now grounded itself firmly in our…

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Get a Package of Free Tech Consultations with Our Senior BI Architects

Speak to our BI team and find out how to drive better data results for your clients in the healthcare…

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HIMSS Europe 2020: Key Takeaways and Virtual Road Notes

7-11 September 2020, we immersed ourselves in the cooperative environment of knowledge sharing, expert insights, and innovation in healthcare digitalization…

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How Data Is Accelerating Drug Discovery And Development?

Drug development focuses on finding cures for known disease-related targets, or making diseases, conditions and viruses more manageable. Drug R&D…

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GreenM to be a participant at the HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Digital Event

September 7-11, 2020 – GreenM will be a participant at The HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Digital Event. HIMSS Europe…

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The Value of Creating a Healthcare Community

Health and wellbeing are a priority of the human race. We often feel better when we relish in knowing that…

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How Data Analytics Can Improve the Pharma Industry?

Emerging and high-growth of data technologies have already had a big impact across a wide range of sectors. New insights…

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Filling in the Blanks in Population Health Management Systems. Why Data Analytics Is the Answer

Meet Dr. Jordan, a family physician. Dr. Jordan suspects that overexposure to dust in local pottery poses a life-threatening hazard…

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Using Data Analytics in Point of Care Technologies

The point-of-care market is growing step by step — new technologies are being developed, and old ones are being updated…

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