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Our story

GreenM was founded on April 1st, 2014 by Alexey Litvin and four like minded data professionals. Since its establishment, we have been focused on resolving data analytics tasks in the healthcare domain. At first, we only offered our services in the US market. However, over time we have been expanding to Europe as well. Now our team has 50+ niche experts, who help solve a variety of business and data challenges.



We harness the power of data to create next generational tech solutions for our partners and clients worldwide. Our task is to transform health tech businesses, so that our clients can achieve their goals and perform tasks more effectively using data, analytics and state-of-the-art software.


Core pillars

We believe in establishing long-term trusted relationships, which are based on three pillars:
Domain Expertise – we have proficiency in all aspects of health tech development – from data specific to compliance.
Partnership Approach – working as a partner rather than a vendor, we have a business use-case focus.
The Right Talent – we select and foster to excellence the right people for the niche.

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Our Core Values

People First

Satisfied employees have greater passion for their work and its excellence. Greater human motivation creates greater value for the company and its partners, causing a circle of success.


We take responsibility for our work and actively assist in solving multiple issues for both our employees and our clients. The task and its completion are everyone’s duties.


Sometimes, things go off target. Other times, everything goes smoothly. Whatever the situation is, we always convey sincere insights about our work and projects. Being transparent with our clients means building stronger relationships and stronger trust.

Continuous Improvement

Our internal culture, our clients and our projects are indispensable assets. They inspire us to constantly improve upon ourselves, our process and the very world around us.

Exceed expectations

We strive to impress each of our customers. We work hard to match communication styles and systems with our clients and work with different personality styles, while also being proactive to get the small details taken care of and stay in sync.

Have Fun

Work can be fun, intense and exciting. We are a team that enjoys our work, which is reflected in our products. We work to grow and strengthen our operations while enjoying life too.


Send us a message, and we can help you in finding a fresh approach to your challenge.


Through our cooperation and partnerships with healthcare and technology leaders, we have gained extensive industry expertise to help our clients create, enhance and manage truly serviceable and sleek solutions.


Accelerating transition to the cloud and enabling modern information management as a Select Consulting Partner within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner network.


Enabling big data-powered high-performance analytics and machine learning for all our clients with Vertica’s unique database management and analytic platform.


Making companies more agile and effective as a part of Radenia’s broad network of partners, providing empowering business consulting and IT solutions.


Strengthening our engineering and analytical solutions with medASTUTE’s extensive healthcare industry knowledge and experience with providers and payers covering operations, finance, information technology and data.


Our community

A single person can never know answers to all questions, but a large community can succeed in coming close to that. We are friends who study and grow together. For us, the best talent is always within a hand’s reach.

Contact us

If you have a project in mind or want to discuss collaborating on healthcare data initiatives, feel free to send us a message!

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