The Anatomy of a Data-Driven Patient Engagement Platform

Studies show that despite high hospital adoption rates, patient engagement platforms aren’t all that popular among the patients themselves. The…

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Boosting Telehealth Solutions with Self-Service Analytics

Analytic agencies differ in their estimations of telehealth adoption and growth, but all of them confirm that COVID-19 was a major growth catalyst. The reports also show that both patient and provider satisfaction with telehealth is improving, which are a basis for optimistic telehealth growth estimates beyond the pandemic.

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Big Data and Pharma: Building Preclinical and Clinical Analytics Platforms

Living through a pandemic in the past hectic year, healthcare professionals and providers work even harder in order to provide us with relevant research insights and medicines.

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How to Run Isolated Tests Using Docker Compose on AWS

Nowadays, even the simplest application cannot be imagined without using data. For developers, this means writing complex systems for accessing…

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GreenM Became an AWS Select Consulting Partner

In December of 2020, GreenM was accredited and received Select Consulting Partner status in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner…

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The Founder and CEO of GreenM Spoke at a Webinar in the Demystifying Digital Series from Radenia

November 19, 2020 – Alexey Litvin, Founder and CEO of GreenM, spoke at the webinar “Data and Analytics as a driver…

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Key Aspects to Consider when Creating Secure Data Platform

Cybercriminals consider healthcare a lucrative industry. The stolen PHI records are highly in demand in the black market and may…

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Interoperability in Healthcare: Capabilities, Trends, and Comparison of EHR Providers

Have you ever faced challenges in achieving interoperability of health IT systems? This topic is one of the most relevant…

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GreenM Conducted the First International Data Monsters Event

On October 22, 2020, a Data Monsters United virtual event was held with the participation of international speakers. Data Monsters…

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Implementing Telemedicine Software During COVID-19

It’s clear the COVID-19 pandemic will go down as a major disruptive force in almost industry around the globe. More…

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RFID Technology in Healthcare: Benefits, Challenges, Opportunities

Having existed as a primitive tool during the wartime, radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology has now grounded itself firmly in our…

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Get a Package of Free Tech Consultations with Our Senior BI Architects

Speak to our BI team and find out how to drive better data results for your clients in the healthcare…

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