Get a Package of Free Tech Consultations with Our Senior BI Architects

Speak to our BI team and find out how to drive better data results for your clients in the healthcare sector. It’s 100% Free and no obligations! A package of free consultations, four hours in total, with our 10+year experienced BI experts.

Finding the right professionals to handle your data challenges can be a difficult task. Should you make the wrong decision regarding your data architecture, integration, or visualization it could take you several months or even years to reimplement the digital strategy. That is why it is important to consult with skilled BI architects before making changes, improvements, or development in any data case.  

After attending HIMSS Europe and hearing the opinions of many healthcare professionals, we are even more convinced how important this is. We were so pleased to be part of such an incredible event. Cooperation in the industry has been identified as the main driver of future success. Therefore, we want to make our own contribution to the development of healthcare technology. At GreenM we offer free 4-hours consultation services to health tech vendors. 

Together we will find out…

What are your data use cases for current and future needs?

What are the pros and cons of your tech stack?

What options do you have?

How can data expertise help you?

What should you do first?

What would benefit you the most?

…and more!

We will help you on each stage in reaching the highest level of analytics maturity.

How will we do this?

The consultations will take place in three stages, each has its own purpose and duration.

Stage 1

Duration 1 hour. We conduct a discovery session with you. 

At this juncture, we will discuss your current challenges. What your data use cases are, and what has or hasn’t worked. Your company goals and what you aspire to achieve.

Stage 2

Duration 2 hours. Our experts do research looking for optimal solutions and ways that will help you get additional value based on data in the best way and in the shortest possible time.

Stage 3

Duration 1 hour. At the final stage, our senior advisors will present you with recommendations that will help you achieve the maximum level of analytical maturity.

*Time between the stages depends on the complexity of the project.

Simply write to our email with any message regarding the consultation subject up until October 10th, and we’ll be in touch. The consultations will be held until December 20.


Learn about our approach to building an agile ecosystems with an architecture of multiple secure data layers, distributed storage and internal and external APIs.

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Anton Lytunenko

ex Chief Architect at GreenM

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