GreenM gathered community for the regular Tableau Club Virtual 2.0

GreenM is a company with energy, and we try to energize everybody around us.  

Professional development, networking, and constant communication with industry experts are one of our company values. We constantly gather knowledge as well we like to arrange opportunities for sharing.

Well known that now Ukraine goes through rough times but even on these stormy days we continue our work and all our initiatives.  

What is Tableau User Club? 

Being a leader of Tableau UG Ukraine gives us a unique opportunity quarterly to gather a circle of like-minded Tableau profs for a knowledge-sharing session. The event audience usually is represented by Ukrainian Data and Business Analysts, Tableau Developers, as well as DevOps and simply Data&Visualization-lovers. 

13th December 2022 GreenM used a chance and hosted a regular meetup – Tableau Club Virtual 2.0. It had the classical structure for Tableau events with 2 speakers performing short 20-min talks with 5-min Q&A sessions after each. 

Our Speakers 

This time we were lucky to meet online and collaborate with European Tableau experts. 

Tore Levinsen, Tableau Jedi in Inmeta Consulting, Bergen, Norway. He’s also Tableau Trainer and  Ambassador, TUG Norway leader performed a session Tableau Blueprint – why & how. 

He spoke about how to become a data-driven organization whether new to modern, self-service analytics or you need to broaden, deepen, and scale the use of data. He told Tableau Blueprint would help to enable the development of new skills, create new behaviors, encourage participation, and recognize achievements to build a thriving data culture within an organization. 

The next expert Christian Artner-Yanni from Venne, Austria is a Certified Tableau Associate Consultant, Data and Tableau enthusiast with 20+ years of hands-on experience in digitization and developing business solutions. His session was Measure User Engagement in Tableau. Useful and structured information in his talk helped to learn how to analyze user engagement on Tableau Cloud and Tableau Server and dive into several options from having a quick look at views count to dealing with the Postgres repository of Tableau Server. 

GreenM thanks our speakers for their support, trust, and desire to collaborate these days as well as for extremely meaningful talks.   

Our Aims 

Facing difficulties connecting with power outages, constant infrastructure attacks won’t break us and makes us only stronger day by day. So we will continue conducting Tableau events on the regular basis. We fill a challenge to gather more Tableau representatives next time and thinking about trying another event format. 

If you’re interested in visiting or participating next time you can always find the relevant updated info on our Linkedin page or Telegram channel and connect with us any comfortable way.   

Come to watch or be our speaker! We are always open to networking and collaboration. 

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