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In this digest we will be talking about the importance of patient feedback and insight, how they can improve healthcare organizations and help deliver better services. With so many healthcare options available, patient reviews act as a first step towards choosing the right provider. Different sources suggest different information, however, the overall picture is that from 70% to 92% of patients use online reviews to guide their decisions. More importantly, NRC Health study shows that patients trust online reviews about as much as they would doctor recommendations, more than a third use them as a guide before asking for one. The numbers are astonishing – and show the necessity of using a patient engaging approach for a successful healthcare business.

Big data for feedback pattern seeking

This article presents a highly detailed analysis of patient ratings and their role in healthcare. An interesting point is made about a mismatch between what service providers want and real patient behavior, resulting in poor services. This mismatch could be tracked using the benefits of big data, NLP and AI to evaluate reviews, find patterns and adjust, personalize approach strategy towards patients. It’s a great idea to also track the customer journey overtime and correlate treatment outcomes with the feedback provided.

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Patient knows best

Healthcare systems are complex, but there is only one common link in the healthcare journey. It’s the patient. Neil Davie, a Global Therapeutic Area Head at Janssen, argues that patient engagement is essential in understanding both the disease and how to treat it best. Remote monitoring, digital patient experience capture, and direct feedback are the key to providing the treatment the patient needs. For stakeholders, it means developing, implementing or integrating solutions that focus on these areas and help doctors access feedback data easily and patients to share it freely.

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Enabling patient loyalty through service satisfaction

The Forbes Council examines the topic of creating loyal patients for stability and development of a doctor practice. Some of the most effective ways to enable patient-centricity in your work and create loyalty in patients are monitoring patient satisfaction through regular surveys and using net promoter scores. In this way, a practice can easily identify unhappy clients and look for ways to mitigate the situation. Creating and maintaining such solutions in healthcare is always in-demand. Though, with time, integrating novel approaches (e.g. automation) can also be something to look into.

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Healthcare data for social change

Data can be used to create resilient healthcare solutions and help target health issues more locally. Collecting and analyzing complex datasets, including demographic, patient feedback and others, can deepen the understanding of communities, their health struggles and wellbeing. Healthcare providers, governmental and IT developers that support them in creating data solutions should take locality into consideration, but also be open to combining different datasets and finding best ways to share them in order to provide a possibility of analyzing a larger picture.

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Great patient-provider communication as an answer to lifelong care

Similar to the article on patient loyalty, this one ties patient feedback and communication directly to the customer lifetime value. Alongside providing good quality care, supporting patients on their journey, building personal relationships, getting timely patient feedback help you in building a better overall picture of how your practice is perceived. Making improvements based on this information will help your business grow.

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