Pharma and Life Science – Latest Health Tech News

Keeping up with industry updates is beneficial for all those working in the care industry. Professionals in the pharma field read about trends and changes to better analyze the market, adopt cutting-edge tech in time and remain versatile. Those in the healthcare sector could benefit from knowledge about the related health services market and perhaps be inspired to implement new solutions in their company.

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Patient Engagement – Latest Health Tech News

Our today’s collection is all about patient engagement. Why is that? Let’s be honest, regardless of what product or service we provide — be it a code, device, software, or a solution aimed at the marketing department in a clinic, the main sponsor is always the patient. Therefore, most of the advanced solutions in the health tech sector are related to working with patients or patient engagement in one way or another.

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Telehealth Solutions – Latest Health Tech News

This week’s material is focused on telehealth. Following the pandemic and increased importance of digital and remote solutions, telehealth has been a lifesaver for many. However, is it here to stay?

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