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Online property bidding platform 

  • MVP development
  • Real estate

We created a turnkey real estate auction product from scratch with only the customer’s idea. The primary goal of the bidding platform was to streamline the property buying and selling process, make it intuitive, scalable, transparent, and accessible to all parties involved so that:

  • sellers can make property sales faster at maximum prices, and
  • buyers can buy the best homes in convenient locations easily.

Project numbers


took us to have MVP out and first agents registered

req / sec

can be handled by the new bidding website


were dedicated to the project’s completion

Project details


real estate 


United States of America 

Expertise used:

cloud serverless solutions

Team composition:

  • backend developer
  • two frontend developers
  • project manager
  • business analyst
  • two QA engineers
  • DevOps engineer
  • UI/UX designer

Service provided:

  • software and data architecture
  • API integration
  • UI/UX design
  • custom software development (web and mobile)
  • MVP building
  • manual QA

Project background

The clients had an outdated real estate auction, which had usability, scalability, and functionality issues. They needed a brand-new product capable of hosting as many users and listings as possible within the budget without compromising on performance and quality. The project’s goal was to create a new user-friendly, scalable, and flawless product that would redefine the online property auction experience.

Technology challenges

  • Ensuring real-time updates for smooth auctions and bidders’ satisfaction,
  • Perfecting an auto-bid feature for site reliability and auction transparency,
  • Building a multi-level site structure with customization capabilities,
  • Addressing potential issues with Elasticsearch for property searches.

Tech stack


Business challenges

Poor performance under heavy load impacted site trustworthiness

Inefficient user management system lacked clear role distribution

Auction rules, errors, UI/UX-related issues affected user experience

Communication burden for agents to contact all potential buyers

Solution delivered

The new online real estate auction platform offers a modern, user-friendly experience for brokers, agents, and buyers. It is intended for people who value their time and efforts when it comes to buying and selling property. With improved functionality, adapted mobile version, scalability, and logical workflows, the clients received the following capabilities and features:

  • High website performance: Now, the site is capable of handling up to 200 requests per second, ensuring swift responsiveness. This allows for the efficient posting of a bunch of listings and for the accommodation of about 1,000 concurrent users on the website.
  • Ideal listing management: Listings can be easily created, modified, and integrated into the usual sales process. For brand support and employee management, there is a complex system in place to provide admins with higher permissions and additional functionalities.
  • Email notifications: Users receive e-mails if they are approved to bid, are the current high bidder, have been outbid or won an auction, and even that bidding ends soon or ended, and more. This automatically keeps buyers informed of the whole bidding process.
  • Well-designed interface: The essential auction rules are organically integrated. Plus, bidding-related errors the users may face, e.g. placing bids by two bidders simultaneously, are intuitively defined and displayed, making the auction process clear to the buyers.
  • Real-time updates: Details of the current bid, bidder, and auction status are updated in real time, which makes users confident they view the most recent info, even in the final seconds of an auction, without the need to refresh the page. This was achieved with WebSockets.
  • Convenient auto-bids: Buyers can turn on the auto-bid option and set maximum price they want to pay for property. This allows the buyers not to be tied to the site, being sure their bid will play as required and being notified of all auto-bids placed to outbid a competitor.

Other features

  • Role-based management: Respective dashboards, listing and bidding actions, and access thereto are provided for listing agents, brokerage admins, super admins, and buyers.
  • User creation possibility: Listing agent and brokerage administrator roles can be easily created on the site, which makes onboarding new team members a seamless process.
  • Customization capability: Custom domains and individual visuals can be set for third-party brokerages. This allows each brokerage to maintain its unique branding and identity.
  • Integrated Elasticsearch: Now, properties can be efficiently searched by address, city, etc. so that buyers can find their best real estate locations with ease and precision.

Site advantages


Cloud-based infrastructure and scalable architecture allow the platform to handle a large volume of users and listings.


With both web and mobile versions available, platform gives accessibility and convenience for users on the go.


Users can see the highest bid, the bid history, or even auto-bid battles, which ensures transparency in bidding process.


All possible buyer bid failures were covered with errors and tested. Ease of use and user-centric design were achieved.

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