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Healthcare self-service analytics product

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  • Healthcare

We built a scalable analytics product for a healthcare company to get the most out of hospital system logs for enabling comprehensive analytics to track usage, device failures, and performance. Overall, our product:

  • provides insights into clinical communication patterns and workflows,
  • helps customer support groups to triage issues in communication network, and
  • aids sales and account managers team in providing the system usage metrics. 

Project numbers

pluggable facts

support 10+ insightful dashboards and reports


covered with processing system logs every day 

license cost

paid to support data processing and storage

Project details


United States of America



Expertise used:

Data analytics

Team composition:

  • Software Architect
  • Data Architect
  • Business Analyst
  • QA Specialist
  • Software Engineer
  • Project Manager

Service provided:

  • BI & Data Analytics
  • Data Engineering

Project background

Our client is a company providing a hands-free, voice-activated badge system for real-time secure communication between clinicians. The client’s goals were to get system logs from all clients, build comprehensive analytics, and get rid of Crystal Reports and old-fashioned excel based reporting. 

Technology challenges

  • Outdated reporting systems: Slow, error-prone reporting with Crystal Reports and Excel. 
  • Incomplete data analysis: Ineffective processing and analysis of logs from various hospitals. 
  • Limited data visibility: Restricted log support from all devices, limiting comprehensive insights. 
  • Unstandardized data: Logs not in a uniform format, complicating automated analysis. 
  • Labor-intensive log interpretation: Inconsistent and effort-heavy manual log analysis. 

Tech stack

Apache Spark

Business challenges

High operational costs 

Frequent downtime 

Compatibility issues 

Solution delivered

After our job has been done, the client can improve clinical communication and workflow worldwide at a new level. Our team monitored and analyzed log samples and production version operational metrics to achieve complete customer coverage. The product gained advanced insights to cover a very specific set of use casesPlus, processing algorithms and system architecture were improved to achieve better performance and decrease cost of ownership. 

Centralized data collection and processing:

  • Developed a centralized solution for seamless data collection and processing from 350 hospitals without additional costs. 
  • Created an automated system to extract and categorize log files from zip bundles, streamlining data preprocessing.

Automating report generation: 

  • Automated the reporting process, significantly reducing time and effort required while improving data accuracy.

Standardizing and interpreting logs:

  • Implemented a log parsing framework to convert logs into a standardized format for easier analysis.
  • Conducted detailed analysis of log samples to identify key metrics and patterns, creating a comprehensive log dictionary. 

Expanding log support and data coverage:

  • Expanded log support to increase data coverage, enhancing the depth of analysis. 
  • Enabled predictive maintenance, reducing system downtime and allowing proactive identification and resolution of issues. 

Handling multiple system versions and varying logging patterns: 

  • Created a flexible architecture capable of handling various system versions, ensuring compatibility and efficient data processing.
  • Designed a comprehensive data normalization process to standardize logs from different versions for uniform analysis. 

Business impact

Enhanced data insights

Optimized operations with detailed workflow insights

Operational efficiency

Staff time freed up by automating reporting tasks

Increased data coverage

Data analysis capabilities expanded by 10 times

Proactive maintenance

Issues identified and resolved before impacting operations

Long-term reliability

Operational reliability for 10 years with no additional maintenance

Improved customer support

Efficient issue resolution enabled, enhancing customer satisfaction

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