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Tableau performance optimization audit

  • AdTech
  • BI & data analytics
  • Tech consulting

We conducted a Tableau implementation audit for the AdTech company to identify and resolve bottlenecks in their tool performance. The goal was to enhance the speed and efficiency of their Tableau dashboards and reports, enabling: 

  • accelerated analytics: speeding up data processing and visualization to quickly derive actionable insights from complex datasets; 
  • real-time data exploration: allowing users to interact with and make use of data quickly without experiencing delays or interruptions; 
  • improved decision-making: providing a seamless and responsive user experience to support timely and informed business decisions. 

Project numbers


took us to issue the Tableau performance optimization report


the performance was enhanced by due to our suggestions

data experts

were assigned to do the Tableau implementation audit

Project details

Expertise used:

Analytics tool performance optimization

Team composition:

  • Data Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • DevOps

Service provided:

  • BI consulting
  • Technology consulting
  • Data analytics consulting
  • Data visualization consulting

Project background

The customer is an AdTech company that uses Tableau for visualizing company-related advertising, marketing, and lead generation data to get the insights. However, they were facing performance issues with their Tableau dashboards and reports, that is to say: 


  • Slow initial load: The dashboards took an average of 13 seconds to load, significantly exceeding the acceptable threshold. The slow initial load times frustrated users and hindered their ability to start analyzing data quickly. 
  • Slow calculations: User interactions with visualizations (applying filters, choosing dimensions from dropdown lists) trigger calculations that take a long time, resulting in a bad user experience and making it hard for users to find the report helpful. 
  • Bad data workflow: The slow response time broke the flow of real-time exploration and fast feedback loop at meetings. This disruption led to inefficiencies and frustration among users, hampering their ability to leverage data effectively for decision-making.

Tech stack


Work done

tool implementation and configuration were reviewed

server settings, data connections and sources were analyzed

workbook and dashboard design were restructured

server settings and data sources were reconfigured

Solution delivered

The final deliverable was suggestions as to improving different Tableau settings, and ultimately, its performance. The provided recommendation list included:

  • Recommendations to enhance dashboard performance and flexibility through two key methods: 
    • Developing multiple specialized reports focusing on frequently used metric combinations; and 
    • Implementing dynamic metric selection from dropdown lists to improve flexibility and interactivity. 
  • Suggestions to optimize data source operations were about: 
    • Configuring database join indexes and optimizing ETL processes; and 
    • Optimizing calculated fields with pre-aggregating, pushing calculations to data source, and simplifying calculations. 
  • Hosting and infrastructure improvements included:
    • migrating to Tableau Server, configuring specific settings, deployment options, operating systems, and licensing to ensure optimal performance and scalability. 

As a result, the client managed to achieve up to 50% better performance.

Eventually, we successfully addressed critical performance issues that were impacting client data analysis capabilities. The delivered result not only enhanced the immediate user experience but also laid a robust foundation for future scalability and efficiency in data reporting and visualization. The advantages of optimizing the Tableau performance include:


Enhanced user satisfaction

Ensuring that the reports and dashboards are user-friendly and efficient has led to greater adoption and reliance on Tableau across the firm. Users now experience a smoother, faster, and more intuitive interaction with their data, which has increased their overall satisfaction and productivity.

Real-time decision-making

Monitoring key performance indicators, tracking live data feeds, and analyzing data in time-sensitive scenarios are possible now with fast feedback loop, smooth data management workflow, and better Tableau performance to make timely and informed decisions based on up-to-date information.

Increased workflow efficiency

The optimized performance of Tableau dashboards and reports has significantly reduced wait times for data processing and visualization. This efficiency allows users to spend more time analyzing data and less time waiting for reports to load, improving overall workflow and productivity. 

Improved team collaboration

The ability to interact with data in real-time and the faster load times enhance collaborative efforts during meetings and discussions. Teams can now explore data together, make decisions on the spot, and adapt quickly to new information, leading to more effective and dynamic teamwork.

For whom?

Any organization using Tableau or another analytics tool will benefit from optimizing its performance, whether it is engaged in financial, e-commerce, healthcare, automotive or other field.

Don’t let poor tool performance get you frustrated and actionable insights hide behind your data! 

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