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Open data sales Minimum Viable Product in Healthcare

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We delivered an MVP for a health tech company’s sales department to improve the sales process. This solution refers to the Primary Care First (PCF) calculation beneficial product, which: 

  • helps physician practices to switch to PCF from fee-for-service (FFS), 
  • calculates annual revenue, PCF and average per-visit payments, and 
  • showcases the benefits of PCF over FFS for a specific clinician practice. 

Project numbers


took us to develop the MVP


change in the sales approach


for MVP maintenance when not in use

Project details


United States of America



Team composition:

  • Front-End Developer
  • Back-End Developer
  • Data Engineer

Service provided:

  • MVP Development
  • Data Engineering

Project background

This project is a collaboration with medASTUTE, a US-based healthcare consulting company and our business partner. During one of our meetings, medASTUTE informed us about an opportunity to team up on a PCF-related project for a health tech company. medASTUTE’s client tried to sell a service that supports a transition from one financial structure to another and calculates financial benefits. 


However, their sales cycle was inefficient. It demanded too much data from the potential clients upfront, which led to difficulty in finding customers due to the huge amount of private practice/hospital data to be shared with the company to run tests and figure out eligibility for PCF application. We offered our expertise to develop an MVP for the sales department that would take publicly available data (instead of inquiring it from the practices) and provide correct results for the companies. 


  • Complicated and manual sales process through calls and visits
  • Overdependence on data provided from the client’s side 
  • Lack of product showcase when selling a solution
  • Lost potential clients due to seemingly “black box” product

Tech stack

Amazon CloudFront
Amazon S3

Solution delivered

The project result is an MVP, a concise version of the original solution that would use publicly available data without an extra need for client’s data. MVP showcases the demo results to the clients during the sales process without asking them for anything before they see the product. 

Tech side: 

  • Our front-end developer used Angular for visuals and website functions, since this framework is easily integrable with other systems. The client software was created using Angular as well and hosted on Amazon S3 via Amazon CloudFront. 
  • The public database it gets contains the CMS data on claims and risk scores based on each doctor APIs, which could be queried directly without having to contact practice groups. It also has a list of PCF services and hard-coded rates. 
  • Also, we used AWS Lambda, where calculation is performed with Flask Python framework and Pandas. All calculations were performed on the fly using data from the public Socrata database. GitHub was used for CI\CD, AWS Lambda – for API layer with public endpoint (AWS CDK) for deployment. 

Biz side: 

  • Our solution approximates the benefits of joining the PCF, personalized specifically for individual practices, assisting physician practices in transition to PCF from fee-for-service. 
  • In case physician practices switch to PCF, the offer would pose to buy product from medASTUTE partners that supports the new payment model with clinical management software, supporting all types of operations under PCF. 
  • By leveraging publicly available data, we reduced the entry barrier for potential clients, making the initial engagement seamless and increasing the likelihood of conversion. 

Business impact


The MVP automated the sales process, reducing the time and effort required to engage with potential clients, thus allowing the sales team to close deals faster.

Cost savings

The MVP required no maintenance costs when not in use and reduced the need for manual intervention, cutting operational cost and offering a cost-effective solution.


The automation of this MVP solution provided significant value in establishing medASTUTE’s credibility in the Healthcare Analytics market. 

New horizons

medASTUTE identified two other markets (telehealth and Medicare services) and prototyped solutions for both markets, which led to a much larger market potential.

About PCF

Primary Care First is designed to reduce Medicare spending by preventing avoidable hospital admissions and improving quality and access to care. It increases patient access to advanced primary care services and offers physician practice groups an innovative payment structure (fee-for-service to value-based care) with financial benefits to provide these additional health services. 

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