AWS SaaS portal for patient experience

We developed a new real-time experience platform which processes patient visit data and survey results for further analysis and reporting to track and manage the institution performance, patient satisfaction level, and timely react to incidents through feedback analytics and alerts.

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Open data sales Minimum Viable Product in Healthcare

We delivered an MVP for a health tech company’s sales department to improve the sales process under a new government healthcare provider program, Primary Care First (or PCF). This solution refers to PCF calculation beneficial product.

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Healthcare self-service analytics product

We built a scalable analytics product for a healthcare company to get the most out of hospital system logs for enabling comprehensive analytics to track usage, device failures, and performance.

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Clinical study data synchronization platform

Now we are working on a clinical study data synchronization portal requested by a clinical trial company for exporting data from their internal eClinical source system to sponsor platforms. The goal is to automate transfer of patient visit data by synchronizing it across two systems and reduce human-made errors by avoiding the need for double data entry.

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AI-powered feedback analysis tool

We crafted TreviseAI, a customer feedback analysis tool, which helps to transform reviews into actions, get customized responses, monitor critical sentiment shifts, and discover actionable insights.

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