Self-Service Analytics Solutions

Work with your data more efficiently using self-service analytics

Get easy data source discovery, implement tools to build reports based on these discovered data sources, and provide your end-users with an opportunity to quickly analyze the information by creating reports and modifying existing ones.

Self-service analytics enables business users to manipulate data to identify business opportunities, with nominal IT support. It allows making the self-service reports with accurate information and is the chance to control the analytics needs to get maximum value from data.

Due to the division of tasks and resources, self-service analytics can help increase productivity. Both business users and data scientists are able to work together to achieve the most effective results.

Industrialized solutions

Many business organizations across various industries need to have a strong self-service analytics solution to effectively analyze data from multiple sources and make the right decisions without delay.

Our partners get robust business-focused solutions for their needs and tasks. We empower our customers to discover relevant data faster and catch hidden insights to make smarter decisions.

GreenM team knows how to help you integrate the analytics platform within the organization, make data easily discoverable for self-service, and implement the essential reports or charts to get data insights and improve productivity.


Convert healthcare data into actionable insights with self-service reporting. Provide timely, meaningful, and flexible analytical capabilities for health care organizations to help improve patient outcomes and support value-based care.


Share information between specialists and other marketing IT providers in a more natural way. With self-service analytics, the departments can easily share data, solve or fix issues before they arise, and create strategies more effectively.

Customer services

The correct understanding of every customer interaction and behavior is critical. With self-service analytics, it’s possible to work with greater flexibility, autonomy, and efficiency, focusing on the things that require more deliberation and automating processes.


Take our short partnership survey and, together, we can develop the perfect solution to maximize the return on your investment in data.

Self-Service analytics services

Relying on our vast experience and in-depth knowledge, the GreenM team helps our partners to build discoverable data sources and create sustainable processes helping internal teams utilizing these data sources for self-service analytics.

We know how to build business-oriented platforms, which allows all your departments to get valuable data insights, save time, and perform tasks faster.

Data Engineering

Data engineering gathers all the essential data from different structured and unstructured data sources, stores them in a large-scale data lake and makes them easily discoverable. It connects your data with the end-user to provide access to the necessary information to achieve the desired results and processes.


Use robust self-service analytics solutions that can help you to understand a competitive advantage. Get all the necessary data from different sources in real-time for a precise analysis.


Having full access to the necessary data, the departments of your enterprise can easily make the right and strategic decisions. Time can be saved, and business users can make the self-service reports with exact information, control analytics needs, and get great value from it.

Case studies

Key Technologies


Tableau is a powerful, secure, and flexible BI platform for the data. Data can be visualized and saved on the server which helps businesses to make more efficient decisions, avoid various issues and devise cost-effective strategies.


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a well-known and widely used cloud platform with full-featured services. Providing infrastructure technologies such as compute, storage, and databases, AWS can easily pass to self-service analytics to provide the widest variety of databases (Amazon Dynamo DB, Amazon Aurora, Amazon Managed Apache Cassandra Service) and the particular tools for your data.

Apache Spark

Apache Spark an ideal framework that provides in-memory, distributed, and iterative computation, which is useful when working with machine learning algorithms. It provides an opportunity to use packaged with higher-level libraries, including support for SQL queries, streaming data, machine learning, and graph processing.


Vertica allows you to manage and analyze massive volumes of customer data sources — from web data and clickstreams to CRM records and interactions. The issues and errors are excluded, which is the main reason why we choose it for self-service analytics customers and services.


Take our short partnership survey and, together, we can develop the perfect solution to maximize the return on your investment in data.

Engagement models

To meet the requirements of each unique client, we offer three distinct engagement models — in other words, three different ways of structuring our collaboration with our clients.

Full Project

We do all the work while conforming to our client’s IT processes and security procedures to achieve a seamless workflow.


We can provide dedicated resources that scale up, and down, with your business, along with strategic engineering support to help you predict those needs.


Our solution-focused experts will advise on how to create easy-to-use analytics platforms that are simple and responsive.

GreenM Perfect Suite

The GreenM Perfect Suite is our working approach, which characterizes our “think big, but start small” philosophy. We have brought together understandings and learnings from dozens of client projects. Worked on ways to make data processing and analysis more cost and time effective for clients.


Starting with discovery workshops, we are committed to understanding your challenges and goals. Next, we map out how we achieve those and what you can expect working with us.


Now this is the development and building stage, often involving data analysis, storage, and algorithmic solutions that will start to draw out insights from the raw data.


Realize the full potential of the data in your systems. We can visualize it and make it actionable through web-based analytics and other systems, giving you the tools and capabilities to use data to drive growth and innovation.

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