Self-Service Analytics for Healthcare Company


4 months

It took 4 months to build scalable analytics product based on free text logs.

350 hospitals

Logs from 350 hospitals are processed every day.

23 facts

23 pluggable facts support 10+ insightful dashboards

$0 license cost

$0 license cost was paid to support data processing and storage


Domain: Healthcare

Our client is a company that offers the leading platform for improving clinical communication and workflow worldwide.


voice-activated hands-free badges system for real-time secure communication between clinicians.

The Client’s goals were:
  • Get system logs from all clients and build comprehensive analytics to track usage, device failures and performance.
  • Get rid of Crystal Reports and old fashioned excel based reporting.


The GreenM team focused on the following main challenges:

  • System is deployed on-premise
  • Myriad of System versions should be supported
  • Logging patterns vary between system versions
  • System logs are delivered in zip bundles with heterogeneous files inside, including services logs, OS logs, db dump, etc.
  • System logs were not produced with the following automated analysis in mind and didn’t have a standard format
  • No information about the meaning of loglines was available
Value delivery


New System Concept Development

The team of six GreenM specialists including a data architect, a software architect and a business analyst investigated and analyzed provided log samples for 3 months. Based on this initial analysis, the GreenM team proposed a feature set for a Business Intelligence system concept that was discussed and agreed with the client. The design cycle for the concept included

  • requirements specification,
  • mapping roles and entities,
  • identifying user journeys,
  • making an MVP based on prototypes,
  • creating the final design.

Now, with the defined requirements and technical solution the concept was implemented in time, delivering core business intelligence insights into the System usage metrics.


Make Concept Production Ready

Now, when the Business intelligence system concept initial idea proved, the GreenM team focused on other aspects to build a production-ready version including

  1. performance and stability
  2. extended feature set to satisfy MVP requirements
  3. support of multiple log versions.

As a result, the Business Intelligence platform provided insights on clinical communication patterns and overall system usage metrics for a selected subset of customers.

Create advanced business intelligence

The GreenM team monitored and analyzed production version operational metrics and designed the next phase of the project to achieve complete customer coverage and build advanced insights to cover a very specific set of use cases including insights for the customer support group, sales and account managers. Additionally, the GreenM team improved processing algorithms and system architecture to achieve better performance and decrease cost of ownership. As a result, the GreenM team delivered a solution that provides insights into clinical communication patterns and workflows, helps customer support groups to triage issues in communication network appliance and software, and aids sales and account managers team in providing the System usage metrics.


Together we can develop the great solution to maximize the return on your investment in data.

Technical Info

The project team consisted of a software architect, a data architect, a business analyst, a quality assurance specialist, a software engineer and a project manager.

The technology stack included Apache Spark, Apache HDFS, Cloudera Impala, Pentaho Kettle, MySQL, Vertica, and Tableau.

The duration of the project was about 6 months, with a total scope of work completed in about 3-man years.

GreenM has vast knowledge making solutions better for the healthtech. If you would like to take advantage of our services, learn more about our self-service analytics expertise.

Technology Stack

Data engineering

Apache Spark

Data engineering

Apache HDFS

Analytics and Databases

Cloudera Impala

Data engineering

Pentaho Kettle

Analytics and Databases


Analytics and Databases



BI & Visualization


Case studies


Together we can develop the great solution to maximize the return on your investment in data.

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