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Enhance Operational Efficiency and Key System SLA Compliance by Improving Workflow Orchestration

The result was a system that could handle a large number of data pipeline tasks. The number of delays and issues was reduced to the bare minimum. The client-side had more time to deal with business tasks. 

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Delivery of a robust AWS SaaS platform from scratch in three runs

Our Goal was to constantly improve and adapt technologies in order to scale the system from 0 to 10K users during a rapid customer growth and allow for a quick onboarding.

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Scalable subscription service to improve Patient Experience

The main requirement was to replace an old subscriptions product, so a new one must have the same features and non-functional characteristics.

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Self-service Analytics for Healthcare company

Project goal was to get system logs from all clients and build comprehensive analytics to track usage, devices failure and performance.

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Generating Insights from Tableau Server Performance Data

To address the need for a powerful insight solution, GreenM team built a product that covers all of the aforementioned aspects. A scalable cloud-based application accumulates and processes all available Tableau Server information.

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How to Build a Scalable Data Pipeline

A product that can’t be changed tomorrow may turn out to be a wasted investment. That’s why a scalability is a leading tendency among business.

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