Scalable subscription service to improve Patient Experience


2 months

It took only 2 months to build a scalable subscription platform.

200,000 emails

The platform allows sending up to 200,000 personalized emails per month.

$20 per month

Small infrastructure cost, less than $20 per month, for a serverless subscription platform.


Domain: Healthcare

Our client is a company that offers the leading platform for improving patient experience.


A Platform for patient feedback processing that gives healthcare providers actionable insights.

Clients goals were:
  • Generate and deliver multiple reports to users based on their needs and schedule.
  • Replace the old, slow, and unstable subscription delivery product.
  • Support reports from multiple applications.
  • Guarantee subscription delivery, control and monitor each step in the subscription process.


The GreenM team tackled a few challenges:

  • A short subscription delivery window and at the same time a slow report generation
  • Unstable third party product for report creation
  • Huge growth of subscribers
  • Easy and secure integration with any report providers

The serverless subscription platform evolved through several stages. It started with a successful replacement for the old product. Then in tight cooperation with the client, the GreenM team monitored and supported a new version for several years. Eventually, with huge product growth and load increase, the team proposed to introduce a new serverless platform.


Replace an old subscription product.

The main requirement was to replace an old subscription product. Therefore, a new one must have the same features and non-functional characteristics. The GreenM team analyzed the given requirements and proposed a fast and simple solution to support the current subscriptions load.


The first simple version delivery.

The first version replaced the old product and was built with common AWS technologies like AWS Simple Workflow (SWF) and a couple of EC2 instances as workers. It worked very well and delivered subscriptions for a couple of years.

Meanwhile, the main platform grew multiple times, and the number of monthly subscriptions was increased by 10 times. A further huge growth was anticipated. Additionally, the product evolved new features.


Serverless Subscriptions Platform

The GreenM team proposed to replace the first version with a new platform based on AWS Serverless technologies. At first, the POC was developed and tested to maintain the expected massive number of subscriptions. After successful tests, it was upgraded to a production-ready version with improved processing algorithms, better performance, and powerful logging and monitoring tools. Additionally, the cost of ownership was significantly decreased.


Together we can develop the great solution to maximize the return on your investment in data.

Technical Info

The project team consisted of a software architect, business analyst, quality assurance specialist, software engineer and project manager.

The technology stack included AWS SQS, AWS Lambda, .NET Core, MSSQL, and Tableau.

The duration of the project was about 6 months with a total scope of work completed in about 3-man years.

Technology Stack

AWS Serverless


AWS Serverless

AWS Lambda

Data engineering

NET Core

Analytics and Databases


BI & Visualization


Case studies


Together we can develop the great solution to maximize the return on your investment in data.

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