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We are more than a team, we are the data crew. There is truly no better place to work on awesome projects, learn the newest technologies, and have fun in the process.


Things that matter to us

People first

Satisfied employees have a greater passion for their work and its excellence. Greater human motivation creates greater value for the company and its partners, causing a circle of success.


Sometimes, things go off target. Other times, everything goes smoothly. Whatever the situation is, we always convey sincere insights about our work and projects. Being transparent with our clients means building stronger relationships and stronger trust.

Continuous improvement

Our internal culture, our clients, and our projects are indispensable assets. They inspire us to constantly improve upon ourselves, our process, and the very world around us.

Have fun

Work can be fun, intense, and exciting. We are a team that enjoys our work, which is reflected in our products. We work to grow and strengthen our operations while enjoying life too.


We take responsibility for our work and actively assist in solving multiple issues for both our employees and our clients. The task and its completion are everyone’s duties.

Exceed expectations

We strive to impress each of our customers. We work hard to match communication styles and systems with our clients and work with different personality styles, while also being proactive to get the small details taken care of and stay in sync.

Build your future here

We grow talents that Microsoft later hires.

The culture

We started as a group of friends who were thinking of a startup while sitting in the bar, and to this day we do our best to maintain a friendly environment where you can grow in your profession with ease and passion. We have a vast knowledge base and a team of experts ready to share their experience with GreenM’ers. If one of us wants to get an awesome Udemy course, attend a conference, or English classes, we got covered.

Work from the office, work from home – whatever works best. We treat everyone with trust and respect and we’ll help you set up the home office and provide all the necessary gear, i.e. laptop, headphones, etc. Also, we love to hang out with the team.

100% of GreenM’ers ready to recommend us to a friend

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Our community

Having a large community with lots of partners is a great advantage for those wanting to move forward within the tech industry. We like to share cool projects, our partners like to share cool projects too, and we are waiting for what you bring to the table.

Join our team

We are looking for people who:

✔ Are excited about topics of health tech, big data, AI, software development, data analysis

✔ Wanna do projects that matter

✔ Would enjoy working with challenging tasks in a top industry

✔ Are interested in mastering their skills

Think you match these?

Let’s make an impact, together!

Join a team of cool talents, and keep being yourself too. Leave your contacts below. We’ll get back to you soon.

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