Patient Engagement and mHealth Solutions

Augment your development team with skilled data engineers and analytics professionals to create highly engaging patient portals and mHealth apps

The role of data in
patient engagement

The healthcare industry is experiencing a huge paradigm shift towards value-based, patient-centered care,
challenging industry players to transform care delivery models. Now, to achieve better health outcomes,
patient engagement is quickly becoming an imperative. Informed and invested patients are better equipped
to maintain their own well-being, which reduces overall healthcare costs.

Successful implementation of new models requires health information technology (HIT) companies to
address a number of challenges — a greater variety and increasing volumes of data, lack of data security,
interoperability issues, and more.

GreenM delivers expert data integration, engineering and visualization services to support healthtech
providers with their data initiatives and help them achieve their patient experience goals. Our skilled data
analysts and engineers can extend your in-house team with the necessary expertise to realize the true value
of data and reach ROI faster. Well-versed in the latest technologies, GreenM professionals help software
product companies accelerate innovation through data-driven patient portals and mHealth app development

Domain expertise

Leverage our multi-year experience in data architecture and healthcare analytics to extend your development team with the necessary capabilities. From high-performance data warehouses to efficient ETL pipelines to custom API integrations, GreenM brings its solid data expertise to drive co-creation of highly usable and secure patient engagement and mHealth solutions.

Data Governance​

We take the complexity out of end-to-end data management by building scalable data lakehouse solutions that provide consistent, secure and easy access to data.

Media Processing

Leverage our expertise in NLP, voice-to-text transcription and automated translation to extract valuable media insights.


Help patients stay engaged in a healthy lifestyle by building data and event-driven workflows tailored to their unique needs.

API Development

We build secure, scalable and highly available APIs to seamlessly integrate a multitude of UIs as well as third-party services into a comprehensive system.


Get the most of your data at hand. Experts in Spark and Tableau, we create powerful analytical data marts with insightful visualizations to drive informed decision-making.

AWS Cloud

From new components development to optimization to cloud migration, tap into our AWS cloud expertise and benefit from improved scalability and accelerated growth.


We deliver a healthcare-focused team extension service to build a perfect patient engagement and mHealth solution, solve data challenges, speed up the delivery.

Key highlights

Patient mHealth

We integrate personal health information under one roof to empower patients with hassle-free access to their health records and enable them to schedule appointments, receive tailored health literacy materials, take surveys and communicate with doctors on the go.

Web-based Patient

We offer comprehensive data engineering services to help develop fully-fledged patient portals that underpin meaningful and coordinated patient-doctor communication. Ensure easy management of health information and educational materials while staying on top of resources utilization.

Patient Engagement Solutions

Our data experts help break down information silos and transform patient engagement platforms into data-driven solutions. We discover, integrate and analyze rich quantitative data (ratings, NPS, surveys), social media, demographics, employment information and more to help improve patient outcomes and support value-based care objectives.

Data challenges we solve

EHRs and EMRs, wearables and patient-generated data, medical imaging, pharmaceutical research — the processing of the abundance of structured and unstructured data in healthcare has significant challenges. Our data expertise is instrumental in creating solutions that support interoperability while protecting health data privacy and security. Some common challenges we help resolve include:

IT infrastructure

→ Cloud costs require

→ Lack of efficient data storage architectures

→ Legacy system migration to the cloud

Security and compliance

→ Maintaining ePHI confidentiality and integrity

→ Stringent regulatory compliance (HIPAA, HITECH, GDPR, etc.)

→ Audit trails for security monitoring


→ A variety of disparate data

→ Payment gateways, authorization checks

→ BI modules and analytics systems

Patient engagement and support

→ Poor UI design and non-intuitive navigation

→ Failure to deliver personalized content, offers and notifications

→ Safety and privacy concerns

Interoperability and usability

→ Lack of a single source of truth

→ Lack of interoperability between EHRs, EMRs, HIS solutions, etc.

→ Development of FHIR-based APIs and custom connectors

High-volume, high-variety data

→ Inconsistent, poor-quality data

→ Complex media processing

→ Escalation of data storage costs


→ Healthcare data silos

→ Slow ETL processes and unoptimized queries

→ Reporting and visualization issues

Partnership Approach

We are working with you to find right talents to level up your engineering team and deliver on your goals quickly

Team Extension Model

Lack of in-house expertise

You get fast and full access to senior-level engineers whose skills have matured in real-life health IT projects and span across all things data.

Latest technologies

We leverage the most up-to-date tools and frameworks to store, process, analyze and visualize your data, like AWS, Apache Spark, Tableau, Vertica and others.

Development costs
kept at bay

We provide our services at cost-efficient rates, without trading off the skill level of our engineers (most of them have a 10-year experience).

A real, no-headache extension
of your team

You can interact with your dedicated engineering team without any middlemen, plus no overhead of hiring, training and motivating them.

Case studies

Key Technologies


Tableau is an Enterprise Analytics and BI platform that is trusted by 20 of the top 20 U.S. hospitals. Care data can be visualized more effectively, giving patients improved treatments and providers reduced costs.


AWS is one of the world’s largest cloud-solutions, with a diverse range of offerings. When tailored effectively around the needs of healthcare clients, AWS can provide cost-effective, resilient infrastructure in coordination with other solutions, to provide all of the computing and storage power your data could need.

Apache Spark

Apache Spark is ideal for making big data calculations quickly, which has dozens of use cases in healthcare. IT vendors in this sector can perform more effective ETL (Extract, Transform and Load), analysis (both interactive and batch), and streaming; reducing costs and improving outcomes.


Vertica helps healthcare IT companies to process millions or billions of RTMS records, and other medical data pipelines more effectively. Waste and error is also eliminated, making patients and providers safer.


We can extend your team with talented data engineers to create better, faster, solutions, and solve the appeared challenges.

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