MVP for Healthcare IT

We help healthtech companies test business ideas quickly, saving them time, effort, and money.

Build your healthtech product faster

Right Talent

We construct the right team, with the right people, who have the right proficiency to meet every client’s needs.

Seniority level

Our culture is one where we openly and transparently work to find answers easier and faster. We cut out the middleman and streamline real progress. Our clients communicate with well-rounded senior-level engineers, whose skills have matured in real-life health IT projects and span across all things data-related.

Fair pricing

Development costs are kept at bay, so that clients get the most out of our partnership. We provide our services at cost-efficient rates without compromising quality and the skill level of our engineers, most of whom are senior professionals with a 10-year industry experience.


We have a whole spectrum of tech professionals gathered in one coherent team. We love what we do and attract people who think the same. This unique approach to hiring, along with GreenM’s culture, creates a close-knit team, in which people are immersed in the client’s project and able to share knowledge with clients and grow themselves.


Sign the NDA, if required, and discuss with our delivery team your requirements and the best way to build a stable, functioning MVP.

GreenM’s approach for MVP development

Step 1: Discovery

Create a list of the key features for your MVP, coupled with the business goals they are meant to achieve

Step 2: Planning

With a high-level view understanding for the MVP, define the project scope and plan everything accordingly

Step 3: Architecture design

Design features like data storage, data access and business workflows in a way that enables smart allocation of resources

Step 4: Proof of concept

Having a proof of concept also helps to have everything approved by all the stakeholders before deep diving into the development

Step 5: MVP Development

Work on data, backend, frontend, visualization, testing, documentation, certification and present your MVP to the world

Step 6: Product development

Gather and organize user and stakeholder feedback. Measure software effectiveness with the predefined KPIs. All of this will help you further develop your software

Collaborative vision

We believe in establishing long-term partner relationships, where we collaboratively work with our clients to deliver quality and innovation, enjoy the journey together, then share and celebrate success.


We show leadership in business use-case orchestration. We work closely with and advise our clients on their strategies and execution, then help design, engineer and realize health tech projects to obtain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


On the one hand we believe in long-term outcome-based partnership, on the other hand, allow for flexibility in this dynamic business. To deliver guaranteed results with a safe start, we offer a unique kick-start program.


Our approach is to deliver a sustainable value through carved frameworks, equipping and empowering our clients along the way, so if and when they are ready, they can move on and manage things themselves.

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