Anton Avramenko

DevOps Engineer at GreenM who likes his job and discovery technology and world around

Anna Korkoshko

Senior Software Engineer at GreenM

Anton Lytunenko

Chief Architect at GreenM


GreenM helps healthcare tech companies to scale and accelerate the time to market by taming the data deluge and building secure, cost-effective, and easy-to-use Analytics platforms.

Irina Pashkova

Business Development Manager

Illia Saveliev

Illia Saveliev is a Microsoft (MCPD) and AWS (SAA) certified software developer with 14 years of expertise in design, development, deployment and support of US and EU based large-scale enterprise applications. He enjoys helping young team members to grow and build their careers, actively participating in internship and training programs and writting about data to GreenM blog. His most popular article was read by over 10,000 people. Also, Illia is a teacher at Sigma Software University and speaker at Data Monsters meetup series. In his spare time, Illia likes playing soccer or building robots with his son.

Lena Kirienko

Senior Business Analyst at GreenM | Certified Tableau Data Visualization Expert | Ukraine Tableau UG Leader

Leonid Sokolov

Big Data Architect at GreenM

Oleg Kirilenko

Oleg Kirilenko is a healthtech market analyst at GreenM. He helps Health IT decision-makers and top notch data talents come together to build the best analytics platforms software.

Veronika Gladchuk

Veronika Gladchuk is an content maker, known for her deep dive researched content that bridges healthcare technology, latest news and industry leaders. At GreenM, she works as a Health Tech Writer.

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