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Virtual Reality Is Set to Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry

Virtual reality in healthcare: top trends and future prospects. All about VR for health treatment, medical training, pain management, mental health.

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How Can Data Help to Educate Patients and Improve Medical Literacy?

t’s a fact the world has a health literacy problem. In the United States, just 23,3% of adults have proficient health literacy. That results in higher rates of chronic illnesses, poor self-care, preventable hospitalizations, less frequent use of preventive services, etc.

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Big data, due diligence, public doctors’ ratings: What is between?

 Living in the era of high technologies and digitalization, patients have become more well-informed and are meticulous about the service…

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HIMSS Europe 2020: Key Takeaways and Virtual Road Notes

7-11 September 2020, we immersed ourselves in the cooperative environment of knowledge sharing, expert insights, and innovation in healthcare digitalization…

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Data Warehouse Testing

In the first part of the story shared with the community on QA Data Monsters Meetup (#DQM) we discussed how to check data pipeline work…

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Data Pipeline Installation Quality

You asked for it. We delivered! Here’s the testing story shared with the community on QA Data Monsters Meetup (#DQM)…

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