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Data Innovation Team Extension for Software Development Companies

Let’s look at a scenario that you probably have seen before. You’re a fantastic service provider, and your development team…

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Virtual Reality Is Set to Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry

Virtual reality in healthcare: top trends and future prospects. All about VR for health treatment, medical training, pain management, mental health.

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Big data, due diligence, public doctors’ ratings: What is between?

 Living in the era of high technologies and digitalization, patients have become more well-informed and are meticulous about the service…

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The Anatomy of a Data-Driven Patient Engagement Platform

Studies show that despite high hospital adoption rates, patient engagement platforms aren’t all that popular among the patients themselves. The…

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The Value of Creating a Healthcare Community

Health and wellbeing are a priority of the human race. We often feel better when we relish in knowing that…

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Using Data Analytics in Point of Care Technologies

The point-of-care market is growing step by step — new technologies are being developed, and old ones are being updated…

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How to Use Big Data Analytics to Increase Patient Engagement, And Why It Matters

Patients are not passive players when it comes to their own healthcare. In many cases, patient actions or failing to…

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Big Data Analytics in Telemedicine: Usage and Challenges

Healthcare never stands still. It constantly evolves to meet the needs of patients, changing medical requirements, and most recently, global…

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