Precision Medicine Data Analytics Solutions

Boost your dev team with data professionals to create custom precision medicine analytics platforms in a secure, compliant and approved environment

Precision medicine software
for data-driven insights

Individual variability is instrumental in precision medicine research. This dictates the need for amassing and
interpreting genetic, environmental, and lifestyle-related data. So far, research is largely based on EHR data,
which is prone to bias, inconsistencies, and inaccuracies. To avoid misinterpretation of personal data,
healthcare settings are required to implement tailored precision medicine software.

There are key components of data management: collecting, storing, governing, and transforming raw data
into actionable insights. In order to aggregate and analyze big data for precision medicine, healthIT companies
should have advanced infrastructure in place. Building such an infrastructure from scratch requires niche
expertise and a wealthof resources, which is unaffordable for many companies. Having a reliable partner
for software co-building is a way out.

GreenM has a proven track record in data integration, engineering, and processing. We work with
healthcare solution providers, who are looking to extend their precision medicine technology development
team or improve the existing data analytics procedures.

Domain expertise

Developing a more personalized approach to healthcare is impossible without evidence-backed insights. But in order to derive valuable knowledge from the collected data, it must be easily readable. And this is what health-tech companies are striving for. GreenM helps to reach this goal through skilled information management, transparency of data analysis, and visual representation of insights.


GreenM applies the established practices to integration, standardization, storage, and security of data. This is achieved by implementing a single source of truth, audits, and compliance policies.


Precision medicine software deals with personal, clinical, and community data. Our expertise in data engineering and visualization helps us build consistent analytical reports and dashboards.


Big data accommodation and processing requires an automated insight-driven approach. This eliminates the risk of human error or bias, which is critical in the healthcare sector.


The primary feature of a data ecosystem is that it should grow efficiently. Cloud-based solutions will make it scalable, accessible on demand, easy to optimize and cost-saving.


We deliver a healthcare-focused team extension service to build a perfect personalized medicine software, solve data challenges and speed up delivery.

Partnership approach

We are working with you to find right talents to level up your engineering team and deliver on your goals quickly.

Team extension model

Lack of in-house expertise

You get fast and full access to senior-level engineers whose skills have matured in real-life health IT projects and span across all things data.

Latest technologies

We leverage the most up-to-date tools and frameworks to store, process, analyze and visualize your data, like AWS, Apache Spark, Tableau, Vertica and others.

Development costs
kept at bay

We provide our services at cost-efficient rates, without trading off the skill level of our engineers (most of them have a 10-year experience).

A real, no-headache extension
of your team

You can interact with your dedicated engineering team without any middlemen, plus no overhead of hiring, training and motivating them.

Case studies

Key technologies


Tableau is an Enterprise Analytics and BI platform that is trusted by 20 of the top 20 U.S. hospitals. Care data can be visualized more effectively, giving patients improved treatments and providers reduced costs.


AWS is one of the world’s largest cloud-solutions, with a diverse range of offerings. When tailored effectively around the needs of healthcare clients, AWS can provide cost-effective, resilient infrastructure in coordination with other solutions, to provide all of the computing and storage power your data could need.

Apache Spark

Apache Spark is ideal for making big data calculations quickly, which has dozens of use cases in healthcare. IT vendors in this sector can perform more effective ETL (Extract, Transform and Load), analysis (both interactive and batch), and streaming; reducing costs and improving outcomes.


Vertica helps healthcare IT companies to process millions or billions of RTMS records, and other medical data pipelines more effectively. Waste and error is also eliminated, making patients and providers safer.


We can extend your team with talented data engineers to create better, faster, solutions, and solve the appeared challenges.

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