Internship in GreenM

Typically, GreenM interns are final-year students or graduates of technical universities. Also, we target switchers or intern and junior engineers who want to join the big data world.


What you need to get started






Motivation and


Understanding of basic programming principles

Build your future here

We grow talents that Microsoft later hires.

The approach

Intern compensation

We offer a three month paid period for our interns and pay them instead of taking money for mentoring.

Dedicated senior engineer

We provide a mentor to assess your initial skills, build a personal development plan and help to increase problem-solving abilities.

Practical tasks

You will solve real-world projects directly related to company growth and feel like an employee.

Personal feedback

Mentors will be there to answer any question you have and give actual advice for your situation.

Final decision

Mentors will assess your progress, and based on this assessment, we can provide a full-time offer.

Recruitment process

For starters

First things first – initially, you need to send your CV, where you describe your strengths. The cooler your skills and the brighter your personality, the higher the odds our experts will react positively to your CV. You will receive feedback after we analyze it.


The CV should list the stacks, technologies, and libraries with which the candidate has experience, and it is desirable to indicate their proficiency level. Also, it is possible that the technical interview and the GreenM recruiters may also be good at analysis and big data.

Talent pool (optional)

We don’t take on interns all the time, so positions for them open on an as-needed basis. If you don’t apply for an open job position, you’re still going to be in our talent pool. And as soon as we have something interesting, we’ll let you know. So just keep calm and continue to be in love with IT, data engineering and big data 🙂

Interview with recruiter

Being on the same page with us is the key to success. That’s why you’ll talk to a recruiter first. If you are approved, the next stage will be more practical. There you will have the opportunity to shine at the full extent of your knowledge.

Test task

We’ll introduce you to your mentor. He will evaluate your skills and abilities. But the final decision will be decided collectively. Therefore, we recommend that you do your best. And you may be the one who will become our future colleague. We, in turn, can’t wait to have a smoothie or coffee with you and enjoy working together.

Background check

Do you feel that thrill of intrigue? Now it’s time for a background check – of course, we’ll check to see if you’re wanted for car theft or hacking into the Russian database 😉


Do you feel that thrill of intrigue? Drumroll… Bang! And we’re letting you know that you’re a perfect match for us. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? That’s what we wish you heard at the final round of the selection process. Because the doors to the IT world will open before you, and you will become our intern.


Employment If you complete your internship (it lasts about three months), we’ll get you a job on a cool project. What else is there to dream about for an IT rookie? 😉

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Intern testimonials


Despite the fact that I came to the internship with some experience, I still needed to streamline and systematize my knowledge. An experienced mentor helped me throughout the project. As a result, I filled in the gaps in my knowledge and determined how I should develop further. Now, working on a project in GreenM, I understand that this was definitely the right decision.


I came to GreenM after graduating from the university and taking Data Engineering courses. Of the main skills, were SQL, Python, a little understanding of AWS. During my internship, I became acquainted and tried some Azure and AWS services. It turned out to implement a small project that included tasks close to reality. Another internship was a good opportunity to improve my English. After graduation, I expanded the project on which I still work. The internship helped me understand real-world tasks, gave me theoretical knowledge and the opportunity to practice under the guidance of a skill mentor. This served as a cushion for a smooth transition to the project. But it didn’t protect me from a thousand nuances that I had and will have to learn directly on the project itself.


My internship in GreenM gave me a chance to start my way as software engineer. It included all steps of working on a project and so it was a pretty good opportunity to get knowledge in new technologies for me such as AWS or more practice with Angular and Docker. At the same time our mentor provided us with a lot of theoretical information about software arсhitecture and best practices. If we met some problems we solved it like a team.

Do you want to join us for an internship?

Please send us a link to your CV in the form below or find an internship position and apply for it.

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