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Empower your customer service teams with GreenM analytics solutions. Get a clear view of your team’s performance and manage each metric using reliable customer service analytics.

Feel the power of Customer Service Analytics

Everyday customer queries are increasingly handled using self-serve tools and AI-bots. However, for more complex problems and complaints, these can take time to discover the root cause, and then solve these issues. 

Using advanced analytic and visualization capabilities, companies can more effectively identify the root causes of customer service issues, making them easier to solve, and put measures in-place to eliminate similar problems going forward. 

At GreenM, we know how to identify and solve analytics challenges. We build end-to-end engineering and analytics solutions that help your team track multiple customer service metrics with customer service analytics or get a clear view of the team’s performance. Due to our extensive experience, your managers can review a range of data sources to focus on strategic activities.


GreenM provides customer service analytics solutions that dig deeper into customer behaviors. Using the data pipeline, we process and combine data into one system which includes quantitative data (ratings, NPS, and other questions), free text (comments on social media or in google, audio/video format) and dimension type of data (demographics (age, sex, etc), region, work info (Company, company size, role, etc.).

Get a broad and deep range of digital data that you need about the customer experience. Since our team has vast experience in data architecture and analytics, we know how to cope with the customer service challenges and solutions and help you to implement the necessary customer data analytics.


Get the best data-driven customer experience right now. Embedded analytics provides you with efficient workflows that allow users to work data easily and efficiently – straight from a web-based app, with automated data discovery tasks.

Data Prep
for Data Science

Use the latest data science techniques to improve customer data analysis and create robust business solutions. Automatically integrates prepared data into the analytical pipeline, providing uninterrupted detection and ease of working with data.


Smart analytics goes beyond sophisticated analysis and helps organizations create ways to listen and meet the needs of customers and front-line agents. Benefit from the results those teams needs, improving KPIs and customer outcomes.


Take our short partnership survey and, together, we can develop the perfect solution to maximize the return on your investment in data.


We have end-to-end data pipeline knowledge and mature development processes. We therefore understand how to process your data and turn it into a platform the company can use. This allows you to make better decisions and proactively improve customer satisfaction with data-driven insights.

Collecting the data in one place and using special technologies, such as NLP (Natural Language Processing) to capture the specific objects/people/actions, companies get robust capabilities to explore, manipulate, and merge new data sources to manage the client relationship.

Data Engineering

Data engineering helps to create the kind of customer service experience that wins new customers, improves retention rates (reduces churn), improves brand value, and builds a competitive edge.


Use the power of predictive analytics to make better decisions and enhance customer service experiences, which lead to less customer churn and higher engagement.


Having full access to data, you get the customer insight, improve customer experiences, and create offers that are anticipated, relevant, and timely.

Case studies

Key Technologies


Using Tableau, the organizations can easily mix and link similar data, get insights about customers, and gain significant results in seconds.


AWS customer services help to get a comprehensive understanding of customer attributes and behavior, so you can focus on making your product excellent.

Apache Spark

With its ability to meet end-to-end needs for data processing and analytics, Apache Spark provides features to perform efficient ETLs, analysis, streaming, and improving results.


Vertica allows to manage and analyze huge volumes of sources of customer data and efficiently extract useful information from data pipelines.


Take our short partnership survey and, together, we can develop the perfect solution to maximize the return on your investment in data.

Engagement models

To meet the requirements of each unique client, we offer three distinct engagement models — in other words, three different ways of structuring our collaboration with our clients.

Full Project

We do all the work while conforming to our client’s IT processes and security procedures to achieve a seamless workflow.


We can provide dedicated resources that scale up, and down, with your business, along with strategic engineering support to help you predict those needs.


Our solution-focused experts will advise on how to create easy-to-use analytics platforms that are simple and responsive.

GreenM Perfect Suite

The GreenM Perfect Suite is our working approach, which characterizes our “think big, but start small” philosophy. We have brought together understandings and learnings from dozens of client projects. Worked on ways to make data processing and analysis more cost and time effective for clients.


Starting with discovery workshops, we are committed to understanding your challenges and goals. Next, we map out how we achieve those and what you can expect working with us.


Now this is the development and building stage, often involving data analysis, storage, and algorithmic solutions that will start to draw out insights from the raw data.


Realize the full potential of the data in your systems. We can visualize it and make it actionable through web-based analytics and other systems, giving you the tools and capabilities to use data to drive growth and innovation.

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