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Healthcare is a sector that runs on data. Everything from patient outcomes to aftercare and billing relies on the right data being processed in the right way when it’s needed. Beyond the immediate use of hospitals, doctors, insurers and patients have for all of the data generated and created, it’s the foundation for future innovation and new products and services. 

Healthcare technology companies continue to face a series of challenges around providing useful value-added services to the sector. Data cleanliness, usefulness and interoperability makes a significant amount of data the sector generates difficult to use drive value from. 

Healthcare analytics requires unique approaches and expertise. Legacy systems and legislation make data management, analysis, interpretation, and processing particularly challenging. Expertise we have make it easier for Health IT providers in the healthcare sector to focus on clients’ and growing their business.

Analytics Solutions in Healthcare We Offer

GreenM is a data analytics company that helps Health IT Providers get a handle on their and their clients’ data and make better decisions. We make that possible by co-building custom data analytics solutions that tackle areas where off-the-shelf products simply won’t do.

For IT vendors in particular, delivering client projects can be significantly more difficult than many expect; helping you overcome these challenges is where we come in. We have a “think big, but start small” philosophy, alongside a structured approach to processes that generate long-term value for end clients and healthcare IT providers.

With our expertise in data healthcare architecture, engineering and analytics, you can focus on managing the client relationship and making strategic decisions that benefit providers, payers and ultimately, patients.

Embedded analytics

Healthcare companies benefit from embedded analytics solutions, with a tailored approach that aligns user and client needs around complicated data and healthcare legislative requirements.

Getting more value from data is mission-critical for achieving long-term efficiencies and creating new products and services.

Data Prep
for Data Science

One of the greatest difficulties data scientists have with the raw material is making it usable and useful.

Collecting and preparing the data into a warehouse, making it easier and more cost effective for data scientists to extract value from it.

Self-Service Analytics

When data processes, systems and outputs are organised the right way, healthcare companies can generate more value from internal analytics.

Enhanced and more useful actionable insights are produced from raw data, ultimately resulting in improved patient outcomes from more accurate internal analytics


Take our short partnership survey and, together, we can develop the perfect solution to maximize the return on your investment in data.

Healthcare analytics services

GreenM services include healthcare data engineering, analytics and insights. We work in a collaborative partnership with healthcare tech vendors to co-build end-to-end analytics solutions. Data security is mission-critical to IT providers and payers, which is why it’s an essential part of how we deliver our healthcare analytics services.

When we process data, we take into account the peculiarity of systems and data formats. We know how to process data, parse and load. We do this securely, maintaining data formatting as required and making changes to ensure enhanced interoperability, making data more secure and useful.

Data Engineering

Get the answers to your healthcare clients’ needs from patient and systems data.

Data engineering improves processes, systems, and the healthcare experience. Enhance, augment and overhaul client legacy infrastructure and make the flow of data more useful and usable across an Enterprise organization.


IT vendors in the healthcare space need to work with partners that have a deep understanding of healthcare metrics.

With the right dashboards, healthcare providers can gain quick-glance overviews and deep analysis of every metric impacting their organization, in real-time.


Ultimately, the aim of data is to generate workable insights and solutions.

Whether this is from new data pipelines, data lakes, or embedded analytics, all of this is possible with the right partners and strategy to support new initiatives.

Case studies

Key Technologies


Tableau is an Enterprise Analytics and BI platform that is trusted by 20 of the top 20 U.S. hospitals. Care data can be visualized more effectively, giving patients improved treatments and providers reduced costs.


AWS is one of the world’s largest cloud-solutions, with a diverse range of offerings. When tailored effectively around the needs of healthcare clients, AWS can provide cost-effective, resilient infrastructure in coordination with other solutions, to provide all of the computing and storage power your data could need.

Apache Spark

Apache Spark is ideal for making big data calculations quickly, which has dozens of use cases in healthcare. IT vendors in this sector can perform more effective ETL (Extract, Transform and Load), analysis (both interactive and batch), and streaming; reducing costs and improving outcomes.


Vertica helps healthcare IT companies to process millions or billions of RTMS records, and other medical data pipelines more effectively. Waste and error is also eliminated, making patients and providers safer.


Take our short partnership survey and, together, we can develop the perfect solution to maximize the return on your investment in data.

Engagement models

To meet the requirements of each unique client, we offer three distinct engagement models — in other words, three different ways of structuring our collaboration with our clients.

Full Project

We do all the work while conforming to our client’s IT processes and security procedures to achieve a seamless workflow.


We can provide dedicated resources that scale up, and down, with your business, along with strategic engineering support to help you predict those needs.


Our solution-focused experts will advise on how to create easy-to-use analytics platforms that are simple and responsive.

GreenM Perfect Suite

The GreenM Perfect Suite is our working approach, which characterizes our “think big, but start small” philosophy. We have brought together understandings and learnings from dozens of client projects. Worked on ways to make data processing and analysis more cost and time effective for clients.


Starting with discovery workshops, we are committed to understanding your challenges and goals. Next, we map out how we achieve those and what you can expect working with us.


Now this is the development and building stage, often involving data analysis, storage, and algorithmic solutions that will start to draw out insights from the raw data.


Realize the full potential of the data in your systems. We can visualize it and make it actionable through web-based analytics and other systems, giving you the tools and capabilities to use data to drive growth and innovation.

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