Creating Value & Insights From Data

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Turning unstructured data into valuable, actionable insights

Every Enterprise organization struggles with data. Business and operational leaders know it contains value. Unlocking actionable insights from unstructured data — which is where 80% of new value is contained — is a serious challenge. Data is only as valuable as the insights companies can gain from it.

Healthcare is investing heavily in big data projects. GreenM has extensive experience in that sector, supporting payers and providers. Whether you are in healthcare or another sector, our approach, systems used on each project and process is unique for every client.

At GreenM, we focus on getting results. From raw data cleaning, processing and storage, we can help you at every stage. Once data is compiled, cleaned and integrated from multiple sources, GreenM can develop uniquely tailored web-based analytics solutions and advanced visualizations. Our work gives clients the actionable and market-related insights they need to drive forward action and operational objectives.


Our partners get a highly specialized set of services, encompassing the business domain analysis, architecture, development and support of data-centric projects. Our senior level engineering team brings to the table diverse backgrounds and expertise in numerous technology areas. This enables us to create easy-to-use analytics platforms that are insightful, scalable and responsive.

Data Integrations

External Data Feeds Integration
Data APIs Development
Outgoing Integration

Data Engineering

Data Processing Pipelines
Single Source of Truth
Governing Self-Service BI

Data Visualization

Advanced Analytics
Custom Dashboards
Embedded Analytics
BI Portals


Together we can develop the perfect solution to maximize the return on your investment in data.

Engagement models

To meet the requirements of each unique client, we offer three distinct engagement models — in other words, three different ways of structuring our collaboration with our clients.

Full Project

We do all the work while conforming to our client’s IT processes and security procedures to achieve a seamless workflow.


We can provide dedicated resources that scale up, and down, with your business, along with strategic engineering support to help you predict those needs.


Our solution-focused experts will advise on how to create easy-to-use analytics platforms that are simple and responsive.

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