Can Chat GPT Replace Data Engineers?

Have you been considering how ChatGPT’s AI-driven capabilities might be able to give data engineers a run for their money?…

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GreenM gathered community for the regular Tableau Club Virtual 2.0

GreenM is a company with energy, and we try to energize everybody around us.   Professional development, networking, and constant communication…

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Challenges for Tech Leaders in Collaboration with a Data Team

The amount of data we work with trends towards infinity. A little more, and we will freely operate with nonallons and octalons. To solve such complex problems, we will need complex data teams, consisting of data engineers, analysts, QA engineers and other narrow-minded stakeholders. Managing such a team, and most importantly, finding great specialists has become a key task in recent years. 

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In-House or Outsource, or Why It’s Not Really a Question

Have you ever considered the possibilities that the web provides? It’s a vast knowledge base and an incredible platform for…

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Extended Team Model vs. Staff Augmentation vs. Dedicated Team: What’s the difference and how can you benefit from it?

Outsourcing creates thousands of new business opportunities, as it is not always possible to find the specialist you need, with…

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Data Innovation Team Extension for Software Development Companies

Let’s look at a scenario that you probably have seen before. You’re a fantastic service provider, and your development team…

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SDLC: Secure Development Lifecycle, and why you should stick to it in Healthtech Development

Despite what your mom might have told you, failures are great. Sure! They allow us to progress faster and look…

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War in Ukraine: United We Stand

On February, 24, russia invaded Ukraine. Many of us woke up at 5 o’clock in the morning to explosions, sirens,…

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What Technologies Can Benefit From Telehealth Innovations?

Modern telehealth is a system which lets people check their health without regular visits to the hospital. By using your…

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What to Know Before Developing a Telemedicine Software

Telehealth is at the top right now and the opportunities for growth are enormous. With the COVID-19 outbreak, remote healthcare services became the main tool of medicine.

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Virtual Reality Is Set to Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry

Virtual reality in healthcare: top trends and future prospects. All about VR for health treatment, medical training, pain management, mental health.

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GreenM is Taking Part in the Up2IT 2021 Conference

18 September 2021 – GreenM will be a part of the Up2it 2021 conference taking place in Sumy, Ukraine. Up2it…

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