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data preparation tools Your guide for selecting data preparation tools with practical tips

In a previous article, we delved into the critical role of data preparation in unlocking the true potential of data…

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How to implement predictive analytics in marketing?

As we draw the curtains on our exploration of data analytics in marketing, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the future…

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How to choose data mapping tools: a guide with 8 examples 

Each of us used to put together puzzles, creating the whole picture. And it is so satisfying to see the whole…

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10 benefits you get from data analytics outsourcing 

In-house or outsourcing is not a question when it comes to data analytics. From outsourcing cloud development to data innovation,…

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The role of data mapping in interoperability in healthcare 

All of us like that feeling when some stuff matches another one, whether it is a match between you and…

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aspect based sentiment analysis Challenges and solutions in aspect-based sentiment analysis

As the architects behind Trevise, a sentiment analysis tool, we have confronted challenges in aspect-based sentiment analysis that act as…

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data prep Boosting AI effectiveness: the role of data prep in business 

Imagine analyzing lots of data using AI. Let’s say, it’s a heap of comments from your customers, which you have…

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The future of healthcare data science: trends and predictions 

In recent years, the healthcare industry has witnessed a significant transformation with the integration of data science into its core….

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SDLC: Secure Development Lifecycle, and why you should stick to it in Healthtech Development

Despite what your mom might have told you, failures are great. Sure! They allow us to progress faster and look…

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The GreenM Healthcare Data Platform Framework

The data platform has been a staple of the healthcare industry for a while now, though only recently it has…

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How to Migrate Your App to Kubernetes?

Everyone wants to have their app running on Kubernetes. But how to start this process? What steps should be performed? How…

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Secure Service to Service Communication in AWS Secure Service to Service Communication in AWS

Everyone knows how to secure user access to resources. It’s simple, as we have a person that can enter his…

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