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SDLC: Secure Development Lifecycle, and why you should stick to it in Healthtech Development

Despite what your mom might have told you, failures are great. Sure! They allow us to progress faster and look…

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How to Develop RFID-based Healthcare Analytics Platform

RFID technology automates tracking processes and data collection, removes labor-intensive human work and reduces costs for companies. It’s a fast and reliable system with only a few issues.

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The GreenM Healthcare Data Platform Framework

The data platform has been a staple of the healthcare industry for a while now, though only recently it has…

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Interoperability in Healthcare: Capabilities, Trends, and Comparison of EHR Providers

Have you ever faced challenges in achieving interoperability of health IT systems? This topic is one of the most relevant…

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Why Data Governance in Healthcare is Important

Data governance is about the collection, storage, processing of data, and specifically the means whereby an organization keeps that secure, and controls access.

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